Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Haven't updated this thing in way too long... lots of news, most importantly there's a new song on the player to the right of this post from our latest recording.  This will be coming out on our first ever LP sometime in the new year.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We're back from the Grind the Provinces tour with Iskra and No Eulogy, thanks to everyone involved who made the last two and half weeks unbelievably awesome.  Split 7'' with Archagathus is out now, email for mailorder/trades.  Bullshit Propaganda Records in the US will have 50 copies soon, people from the States are advised to go through them first to save on shipping.  Next release will be a 4 way split 12'' with Ahna, Bridgeburner and Shooting Spree.  Next show is Sept. 24th at Carpetland in Victoria with a shit ton of awesome out of town grind/fastcore bands.  We also sold out and made a facebook page if anybody feels inclined whatsoever to follow us on there.!/pages/Sixbrewbantha/269979769697828

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This is our next show in Victoria. GET HYPHIE.

*edit* Which means we are no longer playing the show July 17th, it has been moved to the Troyler House and for time's sake we had to remove ourselves from the bill... still gonna be a rager.

Monday, May 30, 2011


We're embarking on tour yet again this summer with our buddies Iskra and No Eulogy.  Here are the tentative dates, more details will be posted as we have them.  Certain dates will also be with Halifax, Nova Scotia crust overlords Contagium.  Check out Iskra's new official website and No Eulogy's new tracks.

Thursday August 18th Victoria, BC
Friday August 19th Vancouver, BC @ The Chateau Noir
Saturday August 20th Kamloops, BC @ Shred The Loops Fest
Sunday August 21st Kelowna, BC
Monday August 22nd Camping
Tuesday August 23rd Calgary, AB
Wednesday August 24th Edmonton, AB
Thursday August 25th Edmonton, AB
Friday August 26th Saskatoon, SK (NEED HELP!)
Saturday August 27th Winnipeg, MB @ Foul Copse Fest
Sunday August 28th Winnipeg, MB @ The Death Trap
Monday August 29th Camping/possibly Dauphin, MB?
Tuesaday August 30th Saskatoon, SK/anywhere in Saskatchewan (NEED HELP!)
Wednesday August 31st Calgary, AB
Thursday September 1st Kamloops, BC @ Little Big House
Friday September 2nd Squamish, BC
Saturday September 3rd Vancouver, BC
Sunday September 4th Campbell River, BC

Split 7'' with Archagathus should be out in time for these dates. We're also playing a show in Victoria July 17th with Willing Feet and Cetascean from Winnipeg, poster and final lineup for that soon.  Also playing Fastcore Fest in upper Squamish on july 2nd as well as a Vancouver pre-show at The Red Gate on june 30th.  We have a new jamspot and will have a bunch of new material to play at these dates.  Stay grind.
Saturday, September 3rd Vancouver @ The Secret Location
Sunday, September 4th Campbell River @ The Sports Complex

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a few things

Jordan (Black Banana Records) just found a box of 20-something copies of the demo 7'' that is currently on its way to us, if you're looking for one To Live a Lie Records will have a bunch of copies soon or you can hit us up directly... we also have a few copies of our tour tape left over, it has all the tracks from the session for the split with Archagathus as well as all the tracks off the demo 7'', we're into doing trades (especially if you live far away) so get in touch.  We're also going to be appearing on a split 5'' with Concord, CA spazz grinders Wake the Machines, hoping to get this and the Archagathus split out by summertime.  Next show is May 8th at a house in Fernwood, ask around blahblahblah.

Friday, March 18, 2011


 We survived our US tour and are back in the Great White North, thanks to everybody who helped set up shows, played with us or came and hung out.  Every show ruled, if you have videos or pictures please hit up our email listed on the right side of this blog.  Talk of a couple new upcoming releases has been floating around and details will be posted when they are more finalized.  We're playing a homecoming show of sorts on saturday at the Ratshack with a bunch of killer Vancouver bands at which we will have some shirts and tapes for sale.  Dates for summertime Canadian tour with fellow Victorians Iskra and No Eulogy will be put up at some point relatively soon.  Listen to Goner.

Friday, January 21, 2011

fuck it

Been awhile since this thing was updated so here goes.  New recordings are done, check out four of them online HERE.  Playing the mainland next weekend for War Hero's last two shows at the Chateau Noir in Vancouver on the 28th and a cabin in the middle of nowhere in Squamish on the 29th.  US tour booking is coming along but we still need help with a few dates (which are listed off to the side), if you can give us a hand please get in touch.  Coming soon is a new tape to bring to the US which will have everything off the tape and 7'' and all the newly recorded tracks.  Said previous releases are both sold out from us but the 7'' at least is still available from the following distros:
Black Banana Records
Bullshit Propaganda Records
Eatshitbuydie Distro
Give Praise Records
Just Say No Records
Sound Central
To Live a Lie Records
We will also be appearing on a compilation CD-R from the newly resurrected Bovine Records alongside Osk, Soil of Ignorance, Powercup and a bunch of neat bands from the US.