Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blood Klub.

Our pal Jeremy at Isloated No Waves Records has invited us to be a part of the third instalment of the Blood Klub 7" compilation series. It will feature 4 bands from the Vancouver/Victoria area including Six Brew Bantha, Cystral Swells, Troll Rougue, and Haunted Beard. 400 copies avaiable spring(ish) 2011.

Isolated No Waves

Monday, December 6, 2010

Show, Recordings, Etc.

For those few who bother to read this garbage here's an update on all happenings in camp Bantha.

We're playing a house show in Victoria on January 4th at The Red Door (if you are interested in checking it out and don't know where that is feel free to hit up our band email to find out) with Ordstro and Matsuri from San Fransisco, Obacha from Squamish and Victims Choice who haven't played in way too long.  This set will be a collaboration with local harsh noiser Brutophilia who will be contributing lots of extra sonic excruciation and destroying the feeble eardrums of any and all posers in the general vicinity.  Those who can't make it can expect a crappy bootleg quality recording of the set to surface on here at some point.  Vocals for the split with Archagathus will be recorded sometime this week, at which time we will finally have some new tracks for you to feast your ears on.  The 7'' will be a split release between Boor Poor Records (Kamloops), Monollectif Noises (Montreal) and Black Raven Records (Victoria), expect copies hopefully sooner rather than later.  Talk has surfaced once again of a split with Winnipeg noisegrinders Tu Sufres (we love Winnipeg, it's true), more details to come later.  Copies of the Testosterone Effect/You Will Consume 7'' are just about sold out, if any labels are interested in helping out with a re-press we would love to hear from you, the Descent Into Nothing tape is also running low but we do have a few left available for mailorder/trades.  That's about all I can think of, listen to Sore Throat.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


March 2011 we will be embarking on our first US tour with LUNGE from Portland. Two weeks straight from Seattle to LA, and we'll be playing with such bands as Ordstro, HummingBird of Death, and Goner. Tour is going to look like this, anyone who can help get in touch. We also recorded yesterday for our split with Archagathus from Winnipeg. More info to come, labels get in touch.

March 2011
Day 1 Seattle
Day 2 Tacoma
Day 3 Portland
Day 4 Chico
Day 5 Sacramento
Day 6 Oakland
Day 7 San Louis
Day 8 LA area
Day 9 LA area
Day 10 San Fran
Day 11 Redding
Day 12 Arcata
Day 13 Salem
Day 14 Portland

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Demo 7"

Our 2009 demo has been posted on Bandcamp. This was originally released as a CD-R for our 2009 west coast Canadian tour, but was released on 7" this year by our friend Jordan at Black Banana Records. Copies available through To Live a Lie, Just Say No, Give Praise or direct from us through mail order.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Chateau Noir 06/11/10

This guy named Steve Louie showed up at our show in Vancouver a few weeks back and took some great photographs. Can be found HERE.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Descent Into Nothing.

Here is link to download our tour cassette "Descent Into Nothing" from this past summers Canadian tour. We still have a few copies available for mail order. Descent Into Nothing