Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a few things

Jordan (Black Banana Records) just found a box of 20-something copies of the demo 7'' that is currently on its way to us, if you're looking for one To Live a Lie Records will have a bunch of copies soon or you can hit us up directly... we also have a few copies of our tour tape left over, it has all the tracks from the session for the split with Archagathus as well as all the tracks off the demo 7'', we're into doing trades (especially if you live far away) so get in touch.  We're also going to be appearing on a split 5'' with Concord, CA spazz grinders Wake the Machines, hoping to get this and the Archagathus split out by summertime.  Next show is May 8th at a house in Fernwood, ask around blahblahblah.

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