Friday, January 21, 2011

fuck it

Been awhile since this thing was updated so here goes.  New recordings are done, check out four of them online HERE.  Playing the mainland next weekend for War Hero's last two shows at the Chateau Noir in Vancouver on the 28th and a cabin in the middle of nowhere in Squamish on the 29th.  US tour booking is coming along but we still need help with a few dates (which are listed off to the side), if you can give us a hand please get in touch.  Coming soon is a new tape to bring to the US which will have everything off the tape and 7'' and all the newly recorded tracks.  Said previous releases are both sold out from us but the 7'' at least is still available from the following distros:
Black Banana Records
Bullshit Propaganda Records
Eatshitbuydie Distro
Give Praise Records
Just Say No Records
Sound Central
To Live a Lie Records
We will also be appearing on a compilation CD-R from the newly resurrected Bovine Records alongside Osk, Soil of Ignorance, Powercup and a bunch of neat bands from the US.

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